Glass Art in Cafe. Time Difference

Sofi Aršas

Timless Temporality

Still lives painted by the artists of the Low Countries send us faraway messages from the Calvinistic era. They are building a bridge between the past and the present, speaking to anyone who likes to ponder the existence in this restless world. Safe world retreats like a heap of sand dust piled by the wind. You start questioning the importance of familiarity. Suddenly, the uncertainty of tomorrow makes everything around you seem fragile, as if slipping through the fingers. Life is like a glass ball that could break any moment; like an open book – when it’s finished, the story ends. Or like a goblet with the last glittering drop of wine symbolising lust for life. The form changes, transforms and alters. But the content still remains the same.

Exhibition open: 19.04.-20.06

Kehrwieder Chocolaterie

Saiakang 1
Sun-Thu 8-23, Fri-Sat 8-01

Sofi Aršas
+372 56 95 70 52