Glass Art in Cafe. Time Difference

Merle Kannus


The series “Weed” is a collection of pictures based on real-life events and non-events, taking place in Eastern Tallinn’s commieblock district Lasnamäe in 1985-2001. Among other things, It talks about:

  • how to make lemonade out of lemons;
  • how to turn into your playground everythng that isn’t meant to be one;
  • how to tell horror stories in a bathroom;
  • how to spend all your sugar coupons at once;
  • how to wake up one day to find that your friends are playing adult games;
  • how to make politics by the means at hand;
  • how to insult a neighbour who has just bought a new carpet;
  • how to ride a bus.

Exhibition open: 19.04.-3.05


Vabriku 6
Tue-Sat 12-22

Merle Kannus
+372 5666 4452