The triennial 2012 has ended!

The list of participating artists

Have a look at the images of the opening!

We received 515 submissions! We would like to thank all the artists who submitted their works!!!

Curator: Love Jönsson (Sweden)
Jury: Love Jönsson (Sweden), Monika Auch (Holland), Kadri Mälk (Estonia), Kai Lobjakas (Estonia), Morten Espersen (Denmark)
Display architects: 3+1 Architects (Markus Kaasik, Karin Leht, Andres Ojari, Ilmar Valdur)
Graphic design: Tuuli Aule, Jaan Evart

In brief

The goal of the Tallinn Applied Art Triennial is to offer a new, topical and unexpected focus, which will serve to help examine contemporary applied art and design practices on as broad a scale as possible. As an international art event, the Triennial enlivens and refreshes the local art scene as well.

Every triennial uses a new format and has a new theme. In addition to the main exhibition, there is a multitude of other events created in the hopes of unraveling and illustrating the theme.

The Tallinn Applied Art Triennial got its start in 1979, when the tradition of essential united Baltic Applied Art Triennials began in the closed society of the time. Since 1997 the triennial has been an international open forum for applied art and design.

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